Our Story


 Or, an umbrella with a slice over ice, if you prefer.

This is a story about premium rum. The Caribbean kind. Renowned for its incredibly varied and dynamic flavours.

We’ve searched the world to bring you the finest blend. Our rum is distilled in American oak barrels for five years before it is hand bottled in-house. Garnished with flare and as colourful as Barbados.

Made to be shared, made for fun, and made for memories with friends. To be celebrated and enjoyed at your leisure. Everything is better with Paradise Rum. Let the Fun Begin!




Paradise Rum Distillery is the newest distillery to open on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. We are a family-owned distillery creating Caribbean-style rum and botanically infused craft spirits for the world to enjoy. Paradise Rum was created for good times. A destination that fulfils your holiday desires. Eat, drink, relax, and escape to paradise with us. Paradise Rum.

Tastes of Paradise

Aged Rum

Classic Vodka

Classic Gin

Coconut Vodka

Spiced Rum

Let the fun begin